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We can assist customers who need international auto shipping to get vehicles to port. Let us know which port you need the vehicle delivered to when getting a quote. We deliver to all continental USA ports. Overseas car collectors and vehicle brokers use us to get their cars to the port and safely into a container for the long journey ahead. Let us handle your next shipment. We can arrange the safe delivery of your car or truck to port authorities anywhere in the lower continental 48 states. Try us. You won’t be sorry. We have a perfect score when it comes to getting shipments to port on time.

Also you should know that for any transports to enter the port they must have a Twic card. The Twic card is a security card that is required for any truck to enter the port. If your transport doesn’t have a Twic card your car cannot be delivered.

Click here to see a map of ports available around the world. As you can see there are available ports all around the continental USA. At this time we do not offer shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. If that is your desired location for auto transport we suggest checking with the port authority in those states. 

Auto shipping done the right way. Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport is here to serve you.

We have been shipping cars overseas for many years now. Our expertise is getting your car to the port. At that point the car and necessary paperwork needed to travel overseas can be processed by a shipper. We can point you in the direction you need to have the car placed in a container before crossing the ocean. This type of shipping happens everyday!

International auto shipping by Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport. Get your car to port quickly.

International auto shipping

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