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Auto transport quote

Every year thousands of people learn this lesson the hard way. People search the web for the best deal they can get to ship their car. They request an auto transport quote from many sources and those sources can vary in accuracy and depending upon who you are trusting your car with may lead to an expensive nightmare. You have to keep in mind that the auto transport industry has good honest professionals and it also has some unscrupulous persons who will take advantage of potential customers who have no real knowledge of how the industry works.

At Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport we try to educate our customers so they know how to safely ship their vehicle. Having your car moved around the country shouldn’t be a painful experience. Arm yourself with the knowledge we have gained by moving cars since 2002. We are more than willing to share it with you.

We have compiled a list of all the things that you should know before giving your car to any company. Take some time to read this as it could save you some big headaches and money too. So here’s a list of industry insider tips to help you get your auto transport quote and safely ship your car.

Auto transport quote

Rule #1:
Many companies won’t take the time to research the price they quote you. Some companies will shoot from the hip and hope they can lock you in by getting a deposit. Any prospective auto shipper should be made aware of this bait-and-switch method that has been in use for a very long time.


Just because a website lists bottom-dollar prices does NOT mean you will get your car shipped for that price.

      auto transport quotes

Often times those “instant quotes” lead to your car sitting in the garage waiting for a transport that isn’t coming. The best transports cost money. The transports that have poor ratings, accident history, past revocations of their license, etc. are the only transports that come running for low-priced loads. It’s as simple as that. Those bottom-dollar ultra-low quotes are the reason bad transports remain in business.

The lowest auto transport quote usually equates to the worst service you will find.

Auto transport quote

Rule #2
Where ARE these ultra-low price transport trucks coming from? Well that’s well known information IF you work in the car shipping industry. Since you don’t I will tell you in an attempt to keep your car from being damaged…or worse. Those dirt-cheap trucks are the same trucks that good auto transport brokers will NOT use. They won’t go near them. Why not? It’s because they know better. The trucks that will haul loads for bottom-dollar bottom-feeding brokers are moving loads for low costs because of their bad transportation ratings and accident records.


Every auto transport quotes must take into consideration the quality of the driver that will be used.

When you are a licensed transport broker you have access to information that is only shared among the licensed industry professionals. In that information lies great and powerful knowledge depending on who’s actually reading it and using it. A good broker, for instance, will pour through everything available to make their decision regarding assigning that truck to YOUR car for shipping.

Going DIRECT to a transport truck is dangerous too. How will you check them out? You simply can’t as you don’t have access to those protected records.

Auto transport quote

Rule #3
EVERY single route is different in the auto transport industry and each of those routes has a list of variables that affect pricing. Auto transport quotes can be a difficult thing to nail down. To give you an example I’d say consider the route between Chicago and Los Angeles. That route has a very high number of trucks that are available to carry your car. Now think about Chicago to Duluth. Suddenly you will find that there are actually few trucks that run that route and any truck that goes on that route is going to be paid a premium for it. Why is that? The reason is there are few transports that want to go all the way north to Duluth, especially during winter. The weather plays a big factor. Weather conditions between those two routes are drastic at times. Duluth is not to far from the coldest city in the USA, International Falls. So a truck that is willing to head north from Chicago is going to be paid much more than a transport heading towards Los Angeles California. Not too many blizzards in sunny southern California compared to Duluth Minnesota.
Auto transport quotes are comprised of variables such as route, type of vehicle, and when shipped.
The bottom line here is that the USA has many out of the way towns and cities and when you collect quotes to ship your car you must keep in mind your pickup and delivery locations. If you get a quote from a company and you are shipping to locations that don’t have heavy transport traffic that “absolute guarantee” quote may quickly change. Either that or your car will sit forever. I know this all too well because those people come to me after their car has sat 3 weeks or even 3 months with no transport to move it.

      These are some tips to help you get your auto transport quote. 

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