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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport versus Open Auto Transport

People often ask about open transport versus enclosed transport. Here are a few pointers to help you make your choice. Let’s start with the open auto shipping method.

Open Auto Transports

Open trailer auto transporting is THE most popular. Why? It’s popular for many reasons. Mainly because of the lower cost to ship your car. That’s probably the strongest argument in favor of open car shipping but there are other reasons to go open that many people never think about. One would be quicker shipping. It’s much easier for us to locate an available spot on an open transport than it is to find an enclosed transport that has extra room. Why is that? It’s because there are far fewer enclosed trucks operating in the USA. So finding an enclosed transport with open space is time-consuming. It takes more work to locate that spot but some customers only want to use enclosed transports.

Enclosed Auto Transports

Enclosed auto transports are highly favored by car collectors. We’ve shipped many high value exotic cars inside enclosed transports and the reason is those cars are as safe and secure as can be. The public has no idea what is inside the transport. Expensive exotic cars travel around the USA every single day in this fashion. Perfectly restored antique cars, Hollywood movie cars, you name it…they all move this way. Several years ago we shipped The Batmobile from the 1982 Batman film and it went inside an enclosed transport. Nobody even knew it was in there until it was unloaded at the auto museum we shipped it to.

So these cars ride inside a transport with walls and a roof and that giant box moving down the highway is fighting the wind unlike an open transport which doesn’t have as much co-efficient wind drag on it. Enclosed transports come in all sizes. Some are considered “specialty” and carry one or two cars only while the larger enclosed transports can handle as many as ten and feature hydraulic lift pads to take the car up and into the transport.

This type of transport costs much more to purchase and maintain and much more to operate. Therefore, cost to place your vehicle inside an enclosed are considerably higher. To give an idea of approximate cost to ship a car enclosed we often see a fee of about $200 more than open trailer shipping.

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