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How to find the best auto transport company to ship a car:

There are several ways to determine the best auto transport company for your move. You want a safe, reliable, insured transport. You want good customer service. You want timely pickup AND delivery and you want a fair price. Now how do you go about locating a company when there are thousands available? Here are some suggestions and yes, they DO work. Follow these suggestions closely and you may just find the best auto transport company to ship your car.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #1

Word of mouth is priceless. Go skip around town visiting car dealers, sales lots, etc. Pick GOOD quality “name” dealerships. Hunt down a Porsche dealer or a Cadillac dealer, for instance. Even a GM or Ford dealership will suffice. When you get there find the sales manager and even other salesmen on the floor. Find out WHO they use for auto transports. Think about it….would a Porsche dealership hire a bad company to ship a load of new cars? No. They will gladly tell you who they use and how they feel about the company usually. Valuable information for anyone hunting for the best company. Ask friends. You probably know someone right now that has purchased a car off Ebay. Ask them who they used to ship their car. Again, word of mouth is great stuff. It’s free knowledge coming from a known source and knowledge is power when it comes to finding the best auto transport company.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #2

Search The Better Business Bureau. A quick look around on the will display companies that rate anywhere from A+ to F. Our suggestion is to look for any unresolved disputes. A good company sorts out the problems. If a transport is 2 days late delivering and the customer is upset then that company should do their best to work with the customer. That’s just an example and a hypothetical one at that. Unresolved complaints are sometimes a good sign the company doesn’t care about their customers OR even their own company rating with the BBB. There is much to be learned inside the BBB.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #3

Another method to find the best company is the phone call to the FMCSA. They are the government regulators inside the industry and they can help you research a company. Look for revoked status (past or present) cancelled insurance policies (repeatedly) and length of time in business. The FMCSA won’t share official industry info about safety records or cars damaged, etc. THAT is a great example of where a GOOD auto transport broker can be worth their weight in gold. A GOOD broker will protect you, shield you from bad transports. Finding a good broker is another story. You need to look for a broker through word of mouth to find a good one. The BEST auto transport brokers don’t look for customers using the fill-out-one-form method used by many transport websites. The best brokers are going to be BUSY without advertising. Those brokers are quietly moving cars all over the world. Find a good one and when you do stick by them. They don’t always have easy jobs and a little patience will go a long way. Having a good broker on your side is important. Just ask those Porsche sales guys or the Caddy salesmen. They sell cars online and without a quality company on their side they would soon fold. Professional salespeople who ship cars daily know the importance and value of finding the best auto transport company to work with. That is gospel truth and also what keeps the auto sales industry moving. With a great company to work with those cars would never make it to the dealerships and ultimately the showroom floors.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #4

Another way some people are searching to find the best auto transport company is to look up the owner’s name. In this age of technology people are adapting. They are exploring new ways to keep bad companies away. One of those is with GOOGLE searching. Another would be open court records. Find out who owns the company website and who owns the company. WHOIS will tell you their name and address. Plug that name and city and state into open court records in that region.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #5

When searching online try to avoid the paid sponsored ads. Often times those ads are at the top in a shaded, lightly colored block. So you do a search for “best auto transport company” and you get paid ads AND natural “organic” search results. Those natural listings are the companies with the best websites and reputations usually. They are ranked high by the web search engines because they have been around a long time. Or maybe their “trust” ranking is very high or it may be it’s based on how many other websites look to them for the information they share. Paid listings versus natural listings vary in quality GREATLY in many many cases.

Anyone can buy an advertisement from a web search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) but what you CANNOT buy is a reputation or industry trust. The best auto transport company is often times the one who doesn’t have to buy advertisements because word-of-mouth has built a customer base for them that just keeps growing.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #6

On one last final note we would urge you to avoid the online transport review sites. They shop and sell their web space for advertising dollars to ANY transport that will pay them. Online transport reviews are “peppered” with reviews designed to get upset companies calling. They end up paying the review websites’ “sponsored ad” fees to have their own negative reviews GO AWAY. Don’t look for the best auto transport company in the online reviews websites.

Also the review websites don’t police incoming reports. A disgruntled customer can submit anything and do it without having facts verified by the review website. Jealous competitors literally waltz in and out of these “review” and “rip-off” sites dropping all kinds of horrible reviews to destroy their competitor and gain his customers. This kinda thing happens EVERYDAY. All in all the online transport reviews are bad news…VERY bad news. Go to They get involved in disputes and offer unbiased information. They are a highly valued tool for you to use in the search to find the best auto transport company to ship a car.

Best Auto Transport Company Rule Of Thumb #7

We get calls from people regarding a particular website that is flooding the internet. For legal reasons we won’t name them. For the purpose of this article let’s just say they are named YOU SHIP. You get the idea? That website is a perfect example of what you should NOT do in your search for the best auto transport company. Look there for the worst company. That website, along with a few others like it, does NOT police the transports that are allowed to bid on your car. If all you are concerned about is dirt-cheap shipping rates provided by transports that cannot get loads anywhere else then go there. It’s the quickest way to save money upfront (pre-delivery) and spend more money (post-delivery) after you find your car damaged or 3 weeks late. We hear horror stories about that company directly from people who tried the service they offer.

Those are just some ideas we collected from many years of experience. Those are tried and true ways of finding the best companies and successfully moving cars around the USA. Good luck in your search and be careful. Hiring the wrong company to transport your car can be a horrible experience. At the same time understand that there are thousands of vehicles shipped EVERYDAY without problems. Don’t lose faith. Find a great company and things can go like clockwork. Find the best auto transport company and things will go smoothly.

Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport is a fully accredited auto transport company BBB best service with an A+ rating.

best auto transport company BBB A+ rated

best auto transport company

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