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Auto Haulers


Should i drive my car or transport it?

Auto haulers CAN save you a bundle under certain situations. Often times customers will call and ask for help determining the value of using an auto hauler versus them actually driving the car. In situations where a customer has purchased a car online, sight unseen, we recommend the auto shipping option. We’ve seen customers that purchased high end cars leave the dealership and make it 4 hours away only to suffer a major breakdown. Any car can break and that’s a fact. If you are not completely familiar with a car we suggest using an auto hauler. Auto haulers can save you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere. On that same thought many sellers will often times describe a car as “drive anywhere” when in fact they shouldn’t be driven anywhere until checked out thoroughly by a certified knowledgeable mechanic.

Below you will find a list of things to think about in making your choice:

Plane Fare versus using auto haulers:

If you purchased a car online and are considering taking that long drive to retrieve it:

How much will it cost to get to the vehicle? Do I get someone to drive me down? How much is airfare versus having my friend or relative drive me to get it? How do these costs compare to those of a car hauling company?

Fuel costs versus using auto haulers

Gasoline is approximately $3.80 a gallon when we wrote this article. Do the math. 1000 miles divided by 20 MPG (if you get that much mpg) = 50 gallons of fuel. That’s approximately $190 in fuel costs to travel one way 1000 miles. An open auto transport would charge anywhere from $300-$600 for that same mileage depending upon pickup and delivery locations.

Time spent driving versus using auto haulers:

Can you drive 8 hours a day? If so you will make it 560 miles if you stay the course at 70 MPH. So to make it 1,000 miles you will be needing a hotel too. Seems like the auto transport rates you received aren’t as bad as you thought once you do the math.

Weather Conditions versus using auto haulers:

Do we really need to go into detail about what you could be facing? Think snowstorms, floods, twisters, extreme cold, extreme heat. Any one of those COULD be a player. Just because the skies are blue where you are now doesn’t mean that’s the case 1,000 miles away. This is something all automobile movers experience daily, poor driving conditions.

Paying Tolls versus using auto haulers:

Ahhh yes, toll fees are another factor in making the decision. It’s hard to imagine NOT running into tolls and we all know what a pain they can be. Do auto transports pay tolls? You bet they do and they can be charged a toll-fee for every vehicle onboard.

Paying and staying in Motels versus using auto haulers:

Fleabag hotels are gonna cost you at least $50 and something safe and clean will probably cost near $100.

Vehicle Wear and Tear versus using auto haulers:

Do you really want to put 2,000 miles on your new tires? How much did you pay for those tires anyway? Do the math….

The Cost of Mechanical Breakdowns versus using auto haulers:

Mechanical breakdowns are more common than you think. One potential customer opted to drive his relatively new F-250 truck. Half way from Florida to Utah he lost the transmission.The garage that towed it in knew he was an out-of-state guy and charged him $1900 for the transmission work. He was stuck in a small town in Ohio for 4 days while they waited for parts. The worst part of it was the fact that he was a house contractor and lost 4 days of income while he was stuck in Ohio. All in all it was a very expensive trip.

The Potential for Accidents when you drive versus using auto haulers:

We saved the worst for last. Everyone knows you are a magnificent driver but what about that guy who’s trying to pass you in the fog???? What about Deer? What about sleepy interstate drivers or semi trucks that drift through lanes? What about s-l-o-w drivers that pull out in front of you while you’re doing 75 MPH? All it takes is ONE to end your trip.

It’s a proven statistic that drivers that are passing through areas they aren’t familiar with have a much higher opportunity for an accident. Who knows…it may be YOU who causes the accident.

Final Thoughts on Auto Haulers:

Eating on the road versus eating on a commercial flight. Sleeping in a hotel versus sleeping on a commercial flight. Paying fuel costs and maintenance costs versus buying an airfare. These are all considerations of auto shipping and explain all too well why so many people choose to ship their cars instead of driving them. Make the comparisons between your cost and that of the auto transport quotes you collected and decide for yourself.

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