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Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport moves cars everyday. We strive for excellent customer service therefore we work hard to give you the best service available anywhere. Feel free to call us anytime for a quick quote.

It only takes a few minutes to explain how the process works. Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport is ready to assist you with transport of your auto because we care about our customers.

Take a look at what our customers have to say about us at Auto Transport Reviews. Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport is an A+ rated top auto transport company.

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How does the process work? We start by collecting information about your vehicle. Go ahead and pick up the phone to start your shipment now with Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport. Zip codes for pickup and delivery cities will speed things up.

Our customers can rest easy because Nation Wide Discount  Auto Transport is not like those “fill out one form” websites. Those companies shoot a generic computer generated quote, then they won’t leave you alone after they have your contact information. Some will sell your info to other companies creating more email and phone calls. Others will place your information on our dispatch network, blocking other companies from moving your car.

Get a personal quote from the staff at Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport.  Get a ”real” quote from an actual car shipping professional because automatic robot generated email quotes are, in the big picture, not accurate. Why don’t we use auto reply email quotes? It’s because we care and also because we get those calls from people who went with those other companies and never had their vehicle picked up.

Our motto is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. Also, We won’t bury you in emails and won’t be selling your name or phone number to marketing companies either. Therefore you will not be bombarded with emails. If you type in your information on websites with forms (for quick quotes) all of that information is quickly sent off to one or even two dozen companies that are paying to get their hands on your name, email address, phone number, etc. Once they have that info they will put you on their spam list and then call or email you constantly. We tested one of the leading “form” websites and received nearly 75 emails over 2 weeks. Don’t enter your information into any forms online if you want your info to remain private.


Factual information based on current weekly car shipping rates!

Nation Wide

Discount Auto Transport

The time of year you wish to ship, the route you need, and the type of vehicle all play a big part in auto transport pricing. Computer generated email quotes simply cannot provide accurate pricing.

We can share knowledge gained from our many years of being one of the top auto movers in the USA. We offer discount auto shipping with auto hauler service in every state of the continental lower 48. Most importantly, we use drivers in the top 3% ratings exclusively because we want our customers to have the best customer service.

The staff at Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport can get your car moving fast. All pickups are based upon available trailer space and the route your vehicle is on. Many companies will take weeks to get your car scheduled or loaded. We specialize in using auto transports that only have one or two spots left on the trailer. That speeds things up. We can get you very quick vehicle shipping in most cases depending upon pickup and delivery locations.

Customers should take a few minutes to read our auto transport quotes page to give you a better understanding of what to stay away from when picking a company. Take a peek at our article how to find the best auto transport company to learn who to trust with your auto transport. Spending a little time now can eliminate many headaches later. Every week we hear from customers who didn’t do any research before plunking down cash or a credit card. Nine times out of ten they are in desperate need of help because the other company failed to provide the service they claimed and/or they stole their money.

To get some pricing formulas for your auto transport we suggest our car shipping rates explained page. On that page you will learn how auto movers come up with prices when you contact them. There are variables that affect your auto transport quote and reading this article will help educate you on what you need to know.

Have you been doing some reading and researching on companies? Please read the truth about online auto transport reviews BEFORE making a choice. We can’t stress this enough. What you read online is not guaranteed truthful. We all need to consider that when picking an auto transport company.

Are you trying to decide between driving your car versus shipping it? If so, we have the article for you. Find a complete breakdown of factors that you need to consider before driving your car on our auto haulers page. Knowledge is power and it is a good thing to know all the factors that will make or break your auto transport experience.

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