Car Shipping Checklist

Car Shipping Checklist

Car shipping tips and things to know before scheduling your move.

Our car shipping checklist can assist you and the auto hauler both. Learn ways to make your moving experience go smoothly while making your auto mover happy.

Car Shipping Tip #1
When shipping your vehicle it is important to let us know at the time you are getting your quote if the vehicle has oversize tires, lift kits, whip style antennas, etc. Over extended side mirrors can create problems also. The transport driver needs to know about anything that is not stock OEM on your vehicle.
Car Shipping Tip #2
Make sure your brakes are good. That means totally functioning. Parking brake also. When the transport driver is putting your car on the trailer he MUST have brakes that are functioning as they should. If your brakes are NOT working the car will have to be winched on slowly and there is a fee for inoperable vehicles. That fee is approximately $150.
Car Shipping Tip #3
Is your car leaking? If it is leaking fluids of any type we need to know. A leaking vehicle will have to be placed on the lower rack of the transport so it does not drip on the car under it. VERY important. Leaking brake fluid can take paint off a car. Also a leak may lead to brake or engine malfunction.
Car Shipping Tip #4
Tires holding air? This is another safety issue. Let us know if there are tires that go flat before the driver loads it.
Car Shipping Tip #5
Car alarms. Do you have one? Is it functioning properly? We don’t want the alarm going off and no way of turning it off so please let the driver know if that is the case.
Car Shipping Tip #6
Is everything secure? Do you have all your personal items out? Are the doors, fenders, etc all properly secured or bolted? Loose side mirrors? Whip antennas or car antennas secure? These are all things that need to be checked for secure shipping.

While researching the checklist we found our friends at had some additional important information available to their readers and we decided to share it with anyone visiting our site and considering a car shipping venture. Take a peek at their Auto Transport Checklist if you like.

Another great article was posted on WIKI recently titled Choose an auto transport company and we cannot agree more on several points included in the writeup. Most notably would be the low ball auto transport quote paragraph.

Car shipping across country can be a daunting task. At Nation Wide Discount Auto Transport we take pride in our customer service and look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your car shipping needs.

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