Auto Transport Reviews:

Find Out The Truth About Them!

Are you looking to ship your automobile? Have you read the transport review websites online? Making a judgement call on who to trust with your car isn’t an easy one and often times people are lead astray by websites that offer customer reviews. Often times those customer reviews are quite different from the actual industry ratings and reviews of individual transports and those ratings are coming from people who work with these companies year round. You have to be licensed just to see the industry ratings of any company and each company has a numbered rating and percentage based upon many factors that are gathered together over years.

In this article I will explain some important industry-insider facts about why you should consider avoiding online reviews about auto transport companies. Then I will point you to a few places where you can learn some absolute facts.

Online auto transport reviews are supported by the almighty advertising dollar.

What does that mean? It means that when you are reading reviews of auto transport services posted online they MAY be misleading. A week before writing this article I was contacted by a representative of one of the top auto transport online reviews websites. They were calling to offer me a “premium” listing on their site, for a fee. When I asked them what the “premium” listing was about they said it would make our website “stand out” from the crowd of other transports. I declined their generous offer. The representative knew he was losing my business so as a last resort he tried to sell me on the “other” service. What service is that? It’s the service of altering your own transport reviews. This website offered, for a fee, the option to control what reviews were published. Imagine that! Thousands of people throughout the USA are using these reviews to determine the quality of auto transport services.

A word to the wise: if you choose to read transport review websites for info please do so knowing that what you are reading may be completely fabricated distorted information. At the very least you should check the FMCSA website for information about an individual company. Having their MC# and entering it in the search function of the FMCSA main site will show you if the company you are thinking about has any revocations. It will also reveal the company owner and the amount of time they have actually been shipping cars. Important info to say the least!

Here’s a link I found from the New York Times that confirms this article:

New York Times article on Auto Transport Reviews

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Have you been doing some reading and researching on companies? Please read the truth about online auto transport reviews BEFORE making a choice. We can't stress this enough.

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